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Operating supplies & Equipment

  • With an astounding 100,000 rooms expected to be supplied across the GCC by 2026, this is a critical moment for the operating supplies and amenities industry, with plenty to explore.

    The sheer breadth of products and solutions on offer increases your chances of finding what you’re looking for. We are the meeting place for the industry and provide you with the space to meet new people, network with those already in the sector, and do business with established players.


  • We cover every aspect and product within the HORECA industry and aim to provide you with one space to source new innovations and discover the next big thing in the industry.

    This community is one of a kind and has the perfect balance of quality, quantity, and variety, bringing together both established and emerging brands, practitioners and HORECA suppliers in Dubai. Surround yourself with the information, inspiration and people who can help you navigate change and make smarter, more profitable business decisions.

Food services

  • We are the meeting place for all things food and beverage — for you to connect, network and source innovative food and beverage products, all under one vibrant space. Our curation of brands and equipment is second to none, making this hospitality food and beverage exhibition the best opportunity to do real business within the industry.  

    Changing consumer demand drives the F&B industry, with UAE companies bearing the fruits of investment-friendly initiatives.  It is projected that between 2022 and 2027, the food and beverage business in the UAE will increase by 6.8%, making it the region’s most successful sector. Visit The Hotel Show food exhibition in Dubai to not only capitalize on this booming industry, but also to increase your chances of generating leads.

Hotel technology

  • Our show is the perfect setting to discover what’s new in the world of hospitality technology. For over 20 years, our hospitality technology event has has given visitors the chance to source hospitality technology products, network, and do real business with industry giants.

    Stay ahead of the curve and discover new ways to enhance the holistic guest experience. Source the latest products in the hospitality industry including the latest in guest-facing & back-end smart systems, hotel safety and security technology security software, e-commerce platforms, and much more.