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Concrete and stainless steel hydrotherapy pools | Hydrothermal equipment (saunas, spas, showers, footbaths, bathtubs, loungers, etc.) | Prefabricated hydrotherapy pool surrounds (spas, bathtubs, etc) | Bathroom accessories (taps, shower stalls, etc.) | Service companies (software, management, engineering, architecture, etc.) | Auxiliary equipment (appliances, aromatherapy, etc) | Fitness equipment | Professional associations and specialist media in the wellness segment | Furniture, textiles and accessories (lockers, changing rooms, candles, ornamentation, cosmetics, etc) | Hygiene and maintenance | Exterior and roof furniture (pergolas, terrace furniture, etc)

Residential Swimming

Prefabricated swimming pools (raised, buried, polyester, collapsible, etc.) | Concrete swimming pools | Pool cleaning equipment (skimmers, leaf vacuums, brushes, hoses, poles, pool bottom cleaners) | Filtration and water treatment | Auxiliary installations (lighting, sound, furniture, accessories, complementary equipment, etc.) | Climate control, renewable energies, pool claddings, edgings and paving | Pool covers | Safety equipment | Service companies (software, management, engineering, architecture, etc.) | Other products and services

Public Swimming pools

Public swimming pools and their equipment | Water parks and slides | Children’s games: aquatic and educational | Equipment for sports and recreational facilities | Ornamental and recreational fountains |  Safety equipment for aquatic facilities | Service companies (software, management, engineering, architecture) | Theming and decoration of aquatic facilities | Professional associations and specialist media in the aquatic segment | Other products and services


Outdoor Living Concept | Landscaping and decoration | Outdoor flooring and paving | Irrigation systems and gardening  | Outdoor Living Materials | Outdoor furniture | Sun protection systems | Fireplaces | Fire centers | Cooking equipment