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From room service equipment to bedroom and table linen, our specialized show floor for operating supplies and equipment will enhance your brand’s visibility in the market and unlock new business opportunities. With 61% of attendees actively seeking newly-launched products and innovations, you’ll connect with the right buyers who are ready to make impactful purchasing decisions. Don’t miss your chance to leave a lasting impression in the thriving hospitality landscape of Saudi Arabia.

Amenities | Table & Kitchen Linen | Uniform Clothing | Mini Bars & Room Service Equipment | Bedroom & Bathroom Textiles | Cleaning & Hygiene Equipment 

Supplying to buyers for more than 70,000 hotel rooms in the Kingdom

With US $110 billion worth of hotels currently being developed across Saudi Arabia, there is a vast demand for hospitality interiors.

Bed & Bedding | Kitchen & Bathroom | Furniture & Furnishings | Outdoor Furniture

Valued at a staggering US$45 billion, Saudi Arabia’s F&B market is the largest and most attractive in the Middle East, projected to grow at an impressive rate of 6% over the next five years. Position your brand at the forefront of this lucrative sector by participating in the Hotel & Hospitality Expo Saudi Arabia. Our dedicated HORECA section showcases leading local and international companies specializing in F&B equipment, tableware, cutlery, and chinaware.

Cutlery & Crockery | F&B Services and Equipment | Food Service Distributions | Tableware & Accessories | Bar & Restaurant Equipment

Join the event to showcase your range of products and solutions, positioning yourself ahead of competitors. Engage with industry-leading Engineers, Facility Managers, and Housekeeping Directors, ensuring your brand stands out in this dynamic market. Take the lead in shaping the future of hospitality and elevate the standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the sector.

A/C & Ventilation Systems | Energy Consumption Systems | Health & Safety Systems | Maintenance & Repair Systems | Recycling Systems & Facilities | Waste Disposal & Management Systems

Saudi Arabia is charting a course to global tech leadership, with transformative initiatives like Vision 2030 propelling economic and social reforms. As the hospitality industry embraces digital innovation, technology has emerged as a crucial driver of business success.

Security Systems and Software | Commercial Security | AV, Conferencing & Sound System | Customer Loyalty Programs | E-commerce and Web Applications

With the Kingdom’s upsurge in hotel occupancy and tourism, hotels are scaling up quickly and the need for key hotel services has never been greater. Saudi Arabia offers the perfect hub for suppliers to provide their services to key buyers, in a fast-growing market.

Parking Facilities and Services | Contracting Services | Interior Design and Decorations | Modelling and Staffing | Event Services

In the evolving landscape of hospitality, today’s guests prioritise experiences and well-being. As the Bleisure trend continues to thrive, travelers seek a perfect blend of business and pleasure, valuing personal wellness above all. Sustainability and alignment with social and environmental values have become crucial considerations for 83% of global travelers, as they prioritise sustainable travel experiences.

Gym Equipment | Spa Beds | Recreation Equipment