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Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging solutions and materials for secondary and tertiary packaging that bolster the logistics efficiency of the supply chain, streamline processes and optimise costs:
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Raw Materials
  • Consumables

Brand Packaging

Comprehensive packaging solutions, cases, materials, formats and designs that make brands stand out at the point of sale and optimise their users’ experience:
  • Brand Packaging
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-Sale Advertising (POS)

Labelling & Bottling

Innovative solutions that facilitate the manufacturing processes of beverages and other products, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the filling, bottling, sealing and labelling processes:
  • Bottling machinery and accessories
  • Machinery for Labelling, Coding and Marking

Packaging Machinery & Process

Packaging and process machine solutions, designed to transform lines, processes and operations in the search for maximum yield and efficiency.
  • Packaging and wrapping machinery and accessories
  • Machinery for the manufacture of products for packaging

Logistics, Automation & Robotics

Solutions for intralogistics and handling, warehousing, distribution and transport:
  • Logistics: Intralogistics, handling, warehousing and transport
  • Automation, Robotics and Digitisation




With important challenges in terms of sustainability and safety, the sector is looking towards packaging in order to find new solutions.

Cosmetics & Perfumery

Packaging should constantly reinvent itself and seek excellence and new materials which, in addition to being functional,
must be capable of surprising the consume.

Medicinal Products

Packaging must resolve new issues concerning the functionality, dosage and preservation of the product.

Pharmaceutical Products

The sector is facing new challenges at the point of sale and in terms of the creativity and innovation of its packaging.

The Automotive Sector

The search for increasingly smart packaging, coding and handling solutions is essential for this industry.

Industrial Goods

The need to optimise costs and be efficient without undermining quality and safety obliges us to constantly innovate.

Other Non-food Sectors

Packaging, maintenance and storage solutions that help to optimise the supply chain of any productive activity.