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Base chemicals industry – Raw materials

  • Base chemicals industry – Raw Materials | Intermediate products | Fine chemicals & pharmochemicals | New materials | Compositech | Food innovation

Laboratory material, instrumentation, measurement and control

  • Analytical instrumentation | Biotechnology | Instrumentation in measurement and control | Technology transfer | Universities, research, development and innovation

Equipment, technologies and services for the production process

  • Capital goods and engineering | Pumps and valves | Technologies and machinery for the production process | Logistics | Handling and storage | Environmental techniques | Industrial safety | Software | Pharma Process | Cosmetic Date

Surface treatment technologies and materials – Eurosurfas

  • Chemical and physical (mechanical) surface treatments

    • Mass surface finishings (machinery and consumables)
    • Shot-blasting machines and consumables
    • Surface treatment chemicals
    Inorganic surface treatments
    Organic paints and finishes
    Control, testing, analysis and measuring equipment
    Environment and occupational and industrial safety
    Research, development and innovation
    Miscellaneous services and subcontracting
    Hardware and software