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EQUIST Sectors


Various types of horses | Horse owners and breeders | Foreign origin horses | Examples of native horses | Traditional Turkish horses | Jerid horses | Haulage and cart horses

Equestrian Clothing

Riding apparel, accessories | Sportswear and leisure clothes | Winter and summer clothing for amateurs and professionals | Traditional clothes | Gloves, feet protectors, shoes, boots | Safety helmets, protectors, vests | Breeches, socks | Care products for textile and leather apparel and Equipment

Horse & Equestrian Equipment

Saddles, harnesses, leather products | Metal accessories for horses and riders | Special horse riding accessories | Bridles, reins, bits, horseshoes | Halters, whips, horse collars, ropes | Bandages, blankets | Saddle pads, sportive accessories | Rider accessories for competitions | Horse and rider training machinery | Textile accessories for horses | Clothes for horses | Hoof shoes

Horse Health Supplies

Horse health products | Diagnostic tools | Vaccines, creams, medications | Wraps, coolers | Veterinary products and services | Health-performance measurement tools | Pest and parasite control products | Hoof care products | Skin care products | Solarium, sauna, hot air, drying | Hippotherapy | Veterinary hospitals, therapy centers

Stable, Menage, Pasture & Haulage Equipment

Horse transport vehicles, bodywork applications | Horse trailers, horse vans | Horse transporters and transport services | Shipping boots and other related apparatus | Fixed and portable horse stalls | Stable and barn equipment | In-stall elements, mangers, waterers | Locks, mats, flooring products | Coaches and harnesses | Carts and equipment | Material carriage and storage apparatus | Bags, suitcases, boxes, lockers, hangers | Equestrian menage equipment, obstacles, cavalettis | Horse and rider training equipment | Fixed and portable fences | Menage, paddock fences, landscaping materials | Stable and sports facilities construction | Tents | Technological equipment for race routes

Works of Art

Traditional horse-riding handicraft products | Bags, wallets, belts etc. | Art objects, jewellery and souvenir | Paintings, sculptures, photography, literary works | Hand-made saddles, bridles, harnesses | Digital embroidery, engraving works | Other textile products | Trophies, medals, awards | Traditional Turkish horse breeding | Jerid and jerid equipment | Traditional Turkish archery | Archery equipment

Services, Organizations & Publications

National and international authorities | International federations | Equine related associations | Clubs, facilities, schools, enterprises | Equestrian publications, scratch sheets | Magazines, books | TV channels | Horse insurance companies | Travel agencies | Hotels and guesthouses | Tourist horse-riding facilities | Sports organizations | Training / education for the horse | Training / education for the rider | Equestrian museums | Ministries, trade associations | Boarding schools with equestrian emphasis | Science, research