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External Closure

  • Wood, metal and PVC carpentry
  • Locksmithing and metalwork
  • Glass
  • Solar protection

Insulation, Waterproofing & Paints

  • Walls, structures, façades and roofs
  • Insulation, waterproofing, coatings and paints
  • Water management
  • Urban planning, landscaping and outdoor space
  • BIM and ICT for the project and work

Lighting & Home automation

  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Energy management and capture
  • Connected House: ICT, IoT and home automation
  • Lifts, elevators and stairlifts


  •  Flooring and coatings

Products for walls, Industrialized & Prefabricated construction

  •  Industrialised construction

Wooden construction


Outdoor area

  • Machinery, tools and equipment
  • Urbanism, landscaping and outdoor space
  • Prevention of occupational hazards, protection and safety on the site